The story of Larkin Packer Company actually begins back in Pennsylvania, in the same area where the oil industry was born.
    John, J. Larkin, who founded the company at the age of 23, left his father's business in Butler, PA., to come to the Southwest and look into the possibilities of that new oil business. He centered his investigation in the area which is now the state of Oklahoma. After being convinced of the possibilities of that new frontier, he started his business in Bartlesville in April, 1905.

   A combination of business circumstances....based on transportation facilities, sales outlets, availability of raw materials and skilled labor....made it expedient to move the company to a new and larger plant in St. Louis, MO. The St. Louis plant of Larkin Packer Company continued to grow and expand along with the oil industry....through the early booms of Mexia, Borger, Seminole, Oklahoma City and East Texas.

   In 1929 the company was incorporated and J. J. Larkin, Jr. and W. H. Larkin were taken in as members of the firm. Under the additional energy generated by the next generation of the Larkin family, the company began another definite growth period.

   With the opening of its new Waxahachie plant, in 1955, Larkin Packer Company moved back to the Southwest where it was born. After careful studies of many different locations, Waxahachie was selected as the site with the most promise for future expansion and the most centrally located for the area which Larkin served.

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